Jessica Lowndes, Matthew Morrison, Kate Gosselin And Other TV Stars Working On Albums

If life imitated art for the cast of “90210,” then that would be a catty, messed-up mix of individuals. Luckily, star Jessica Lowndes is picking the most productive part of her character, Adrianna, to emulate: her music career. In a recent interview, Lowndes said that in the next season, Adrianna will be all about the music. Which works well for Jessica because she just spent her summer working on an album. Lowndes traveled to London, New York and Italy to record and her first single, “Falling in Love,” is set for an October 25th release date. [People]

Lowndes has competition, though. Several other TV stars have current or upcoming releases as well.

  • Mark Salling:Glee“‘s big man on campus had already released an album, under the name Jericho, before the show started. Now that Salling has a little fame under his belt, and a lot of lady admirers, he plans to put out some alternative music under his own name. His album Pipe Dreams will drop October 12th.
  • Matthew Morrison: Another “Glee” star is going solo. Everyone’s favorite Spanish teacher, Mr. Schuester, spent the summer working on an album. Morrison says that he wrote all the songs on the record, working with a full orchestra to create a “dance heavy” mix of music. Matt summed up his tunes as a classier Justin Timberlake. Looks like someone else is bringing sexy back. [Us Weekly]
  • Hugh Laurie: The “House” star and self-trained musician has been dabbling with music all of his life and is now ready to make a big release. Laurie has been working on a blues album that will show off his crooning capabilities and piano skills. Hugh understands that actors and music can be a catastrophic mix, but gives his word that “no one will get hurt.” [ABC News]
  • Taylor Momsen: On her constant quest to be the badass ambassador of the United States, Momsen ditched Jenny Humphrey and recorded her first album with her band, The Pretty Reckless. We wanted to hate her first record as much as we dislike her “high class hooker” look, but the truth is that it’s pretty darn good.
  • Kate Gosselin: Try to fight off the urge to poison yourself with mistletoe when I tell you this: Kate Gosselin is reported to be shopping around a holiday album. The self-promoting barnacle is looking to put out a record of her favorite religious Christmas tunes that will feature guest appearances from the little Gosselins. Here’s hoping she sings better than she dances. [PopEater]