10 Girly Foods We Want Created

Behold! Man has truly outdone himself this time. Or at least one man. Mark Zable has perfected his fried beer munchies after five years of tinkering and is ready to sell them to the public. Zable’s recipe for the concoction involves pouring beer into ravioli pockets and tossing them in the deep fryer. Bonus! The brew bites can still get you drunk, because they only have a 20-second cook time. [Gawker]

This culinary masterpiece seems like the perfect appetizer and drink for a man feast. So we thought up 10 girly edible inventions we want whipped up now.

  1. Frosting popsicles
  2. Dark chocolate-dipped pickles
  3. Ranch-filled french fries
  4. A chocolate and potato chip pie
  5. A deep-fried ice cream sandwich dipped in Cool Whip
  6. Even better: fried Diet Coke
  7. Or, for an alcoholic twist, deep-fried Prosecco pockets that stay bubbly
  8. Mint, butterscotch, and chocolate-covered cherry swirl ice cream
  9. Red and white wine-flavored Twizzlers
  10. Rice Krispies-encrusted cookie dough balls

Honestly, we could have kept this list going all the way to 50, but why don’t you share some of your ideal edibles instead?

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