Today’s Lady News: What Meghan McCain Thinks Of Sarah Palin

  • Meghan McCain’s new book, Dirty Sexy Politics, is out today. Sen. John McCain’s daughter speaks to “Good Morning America” about being a young Republican woman and opens up for the first time about Sarah Palin. “I respect [Palin] as a feminist, as a Republican feminist,” Meghan says. Meghan also talks about how when Bristol Palin’s pregnancy came to light, she felt that the campaign ran the risk of glamorizing teen pregnancy. “I just think the pro-abstinence campaign isn’t necessarily the most effective one,” McCain says. [Politics Daily]
  • The model Bar Refaeli — or someone pretending to be Bar Refaeli — tweeted on Sunday and Monday about starving models and plastic surgery, but her agency ONE Management claims she has neither a Twitter nor a Tumblr blog and “these statements are made by imposters.” On Sunday she allegedly tweeted, “Seriously plastic surgery is not helping your impact on young women or your looks! Some people are addicted to drugs and others are addicted to alcohol. Me? I’m addicted to pomegranate juice.” On Monday, Refaeli allegedly tweeted: “I get so sad when I see 15 year old pale extremely skinny models at the agency looking all shaky and hungry … when will it end?” The tweets were linked to her official Tumblr account. As of right now, the Twitter feed has since been changed to be protected and the page for the Tumblr has disappeared. [Huffington Post]

  • Fewer black women are living in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, according to a new report by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. Black women are still the largest group of women in the city, but the number of white and Latina women has increased while the number of black women has dropped. [Essence]
  • A woman who works in technology spoke up in the comments section on Michael Arrington’s controversial article about the lack of female entrepreneurs in the tech world and was called illogical, idiotic, angry, arrogant, a troll and a c**t by other commenters. I think it’s kind of weird Business Insider reported that she “cried for 20 minutes in the shower over the hurtful words,” but I’m pleased the article at least raises awareness about hateful troll behavior. [Business Insider]
  • The National Hockey League is in talks to start a league just for women. [New York Times]
  • On black women, “superwomen syndrome,” and depression. [Crunk Feminist Collective]
  • The Omaha World Herald will not sell an engagement announcement to a lesbian couple marrying in Minnesota. The publisher called the father of one of the brides personally to say gay couples aren’t allowed to announce their weddings in his newspaper. [Jezebel]
  • Meet Diandra Forrest, 19, the first albino African-American model to be signed to a major modeling agency. [ABC News]
  • More depressing news about sex workers being targeted for arrests instead of pimps and johns. []
  • We must read this: Down and Derby: The Insider’s Guide to Roller Derby, by public radio reporter Alex Cohen, who skates as “Axles of Evil.” [NPR]


  • India is hoping to quell its population of 1.2 billion — yes, that’s billion with a “b” — people by giving $106 to newlywed couples under the condition that they do not get pregnant for at least two years. [Ms. Magazine]
  • An Austrian teacher named Andrea (formerly named Walter) will not lose her job after having gender reassignment surgery. Parents complained about Andrea’s gender change, but the education ministry released a statement saying, “Schools are home to tolerance, not discrimination.” [Queerty]
  • Women will be more affected by forthcoming spending cuts in public sector jobs by the British government because 65 percent of the state employees are women. [Washington Post]
  • And last but not least: an Indian woman who breastfeeds a baby calf whose mother died. You are braver than we are, lady. [YouTube]

CORRECTION: Thank you, commenter EscapeHatch, for correcting India’s population. It is almost 1.2 billion and is projected to be 1.9 billion in the future.