Things We Love: Cindy Sherman And Her Hate For Couture

Iconic photographer Cindy Sherman made a name for herself by doing self-portraits in fabulous disguises. In the September issue of Pop magazine, Sherman had the opportunity to use the Chanel archives as her costume supply, from which she sampled classic vintage looks made by Coco herself, as well as Karl Lagerfeld’s contemporary designs. While Sherman has been known to channel stereotyped glamour, she also goes for the grotesque, yet her photos for Pop are a hilarious balance of the two. While she dresses up in high-fashion, her poses communicate disgust. She tells WWD:

“The dresses were so unbelievably tight on me — normally I wear a size 4, but these were like size zero … I mean, I was aware that they were going to be small when I was choosing the outfits, but what I didn’t realize is that with couture, even if it looks loose, there’s a supertight corseted zip-up slip on the inside … Some of the scowls that are on my face were also because I was just so pissed off that these goddamn designers make things so small that even a normal-sized woman can’t fit into them.”

Cindy, you’re our hero. [WWD]