What Do We Think Of Hot Men Undressing To Sell Maxi Pads?

We ladies don’t get too much eye candy in TV commercials. The advertising motto “sex sells” seems only to apply to fake breasts selling body spray and beer. But all that is changed by Stayfree’s new series of YouTube commercials, “A Date With …” Three hunks who take off their shirts, three dream dates, three … commercials for maxi pads?

“A Date With Brad” is above and you can check out “A Date With Trevor” and “A Date With Ryan” after the jump.

Over at Salon.com’s Broadsheet, blogger Tracy Clark-Flory is cynical about the ads, writing that it is “unfair” to be “constantly … subjected to pop cultural ephemera that treats female desire as either nonexistent or an absurd punch-line. Come up with a pad that can soak up all that junk and then maybe we can talk.”

I see her point. Half-naked women are stock imagery in beer commercials, while a guy’s washboard abs are done for comic effect, both in these Stayfree ads and the “Old Spice Guy” commercials. But I’m not sure everyone would call the appeal to women’s sexuality by these swoon-worthy fellas an “absurd punch line” in a negative sense — humor is a way to change the culture, slowly but surely. (To be clear, the cultural change would be to make a joke about women and sex in ads, not to make men’s bodies as objectified as women’s bodies.) Hopefully, the “Old Spice Guy” and Stayfree commercials are a good first step towards identifying women as sexual beings — not just Costco shoppers looking for a good deal on lunch meat! — even if these ads themselves are not yet perfect.

If anything about these Stayfree commercials is annoying, it’s the Porn For Women theme — you know, that book that’s sold at Urban Outfitters with jokey pictures of men vacuuming and scrubbing the toilet? Stayfree is picking up that easy joke and running with it (which makes me think nothing about these ads is original). Ha, ha, isn’t it funny that that guy says he loves doing laundry? Men hate doing laundry. And that other guy said he loves a clean house! Everyone knows men are a mess! I think it’s as funny as the next woman who lives with a guy who hates doing laundry and cleaning, but I still think it’s sexist towards men.

What do you think about these Stayfree commercials? Are you weirded out at being sold maxi pads by a man? And, most importantly, which of these three hunks do you want to do?

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