Quickies: Ivanka Trump To Guest Star On “Gossip Girl” & No Naked Julianne Moore In Venice

  • Ivanka Trump will guest star in a scene on the October 25th episode of “Gossip Girl” with her newspaper-owner husband, Jared Kushner. Maybe they’ll be in a threesome with Chuck and not doing something boring, like schmoozing with Lily. [CBS]
  • Snooki says she is definitely NOT getting married to Jeff Miranda, even though he asked on the cover of Steppin’ Out magazine. [I’m Not Obsessed]
  • Vanessa Williams from “Ugly Betty” is joining the cast of “Desperate Housewives.” And, because this is “Desperate Housewives,” she going after their men! [The Sun UK]

  • The Gloss noticed Oprah’s goodbye video that aired during the Emmys was like a highlight reel for Oprah’s “skinny moments.” [The Gloss]
  • A Bulgari billboard of Julianne Moore lounging naked, discreetly covered by two lion cubs and a big purse, has been banned from St. Marks Square in Venice, Italy, because the mayor said “a nude woman … is not appropriate.” Um, sir? You’re in Italy. There are naked statues of people everywhere. [Racked]
  • Sofia Vergara’s boyfriend, Nick Loeb, may run for governor of Florida. Loeb has run several unsuccessful campaigns in the past. [PopEater]