Miner Asks Long-Term GF For Hand In Marriage

What influences a man’s decision to ask for a woman’s hand in marriage? If you’re Chilean miner Esteban Rojas, it’s being trapped in a mine for more than a month. Yesterday, Esteban, who’s been stuck in a mine shaft for more than a month along with 32 others, sent a letter up asking his girlfriend of 25 years, Jessica Ganiez, to finally marry him. Said Ganiez, “I have tried to hint at it many times, but it never happened. He always said getting married is a once in a lifetime thing and he would ask me when the time is best. Obviously, what has happened has made him do it.”

But men trapped in mines aren’t the only ones who wait an extremely long time to get hitched … Last week, Julio Iglesias married his girlfriend of 20 years, Maria Rijnsburger. And couples do it all the time — whether because of shifting jobs, health or life expectations, they suddenly go from long term-but-unmarried to heading down the aisle.

Obviously, Esteban’s case is rather extreme, but for the average couple in a long-term monogamous relationship, what influences their decision to make the relationship a legal and binding thing?

Tell us: Did you and your partner wait a long time before getting hitched? [NYMag.com]