Elite French Grad School Students Release Cool, Erotic Mag

Who better to launch a magazine on sex and erotica than the French? Even better: French students from Sciences Po, one of Paris’ most elite grad schools and a training ground for lawmakers, politicians, and journalists. L’Imparfaite is an artsy consideration of sex, compiling photography and odd-ball articles, like a study on the sex life of comic book writer Alan Moore and a sexual history of pissotières (urinals—does it make us complete geeks that we are really, really interested in this?). There’s something titillating and arousing about analyzing sex through a more artistic and academic lens, which is a point the magazine’s editor, Abdel Fahd Ayeva, makes about the publication: “We all grew up in an age where porn is readily available on the Internet, so for us it’s kind of banal.” There’s definitely an argument to be made about our generation becoming desensitized to porn, and of porn just being too easy. So, L’Imparfaite wisely caters to the largest erogenous zone in the body: the brain. Now … can we get a translation of the issue sent over to the Frisky offices, please? [W]