Urban Outfitters Probably Doesn’t Realize This T-Shirt Makes You Look Easy

There is a huge difference in French between “merci beaucoup” (thank you very much) and “merci beau coup.” We’re not sure if Urban Outfitters realized this when they decided to sell this shirt—although, we wouldn’t put it past them considering their past attempt to casually sell t-shirts reading “Eat Less.” If you’re not well-versed in modern French vernacular or slang, you might not realize that the visual split-up of the words “beau” and “coup” denotes a subtle innuendo. While the word “coup” has several meanings in French, it can describe someone you’ve had sex with. “Un bon coup,” means “He/she is a good f***.” A “beau coup” can therefore mean that the person you’re referring to is handsome. So, essentially, your t-shirt reads: “Thank you, hot man who f***ed me.” [Urban Outfitters]