Today’s Lady News: Iran Calls French First Lady Carla Bruni A “Prostitute”

  • A state-run newspaper in Iran called Carla Bruni, the French first lady, a “prostitute” after she penned an open letter to an Iranian woman who is facing the death penalty for adultery. Slut shaming at its finest! [BBC]
  • DVDs of the Swedish version of “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” are being sent to rape crisis centers and college groups around the country as an inspirational flick for victims of sexual violence. The Rape Abuse and Incest National Network is also partnering with the distribution company for the Swedish version of the flick to integrate it into an educational program. [ABC News]
  • Bikini-clad strippers protested outside of a church in Warsaw, Ohio, on Sunday after members of the church protested outside of their strip club. The church had been photographing the license plates of the club’s patrons and then asking them if their mothers and wives knew where they had been. [Huffington Post]

  • I had no idea about this: The federal financial reform legislation requires the 30 different financial agencies and departments to establish an Office of Minority and Women Inclusion. [Chicago Tribune]
  • An analysis of crime statistics in Kansas finds that far more men kill young women than the other way around. Experts say domestic violence and a cavalier attitude towards violence against women are to blame. []
  • Will having three women Justices really change the Supreme Court? And should it? [Newsweek]
  • Tennis champ John McEnroe was criticized last week for suggesting women tennis players may not be able to handle as many tournaments as male players. But some bloggers are asking, did he have a point? [The Week Magazine]
  • A random trial of 82 women patrons at a Planned Parenthood in Boston found that receiving text messages to remind them to take their birth control pill were not helpful. Forgetfulness is one of the major reasons that method of contraception fails. [ABC News]
  • You know who’d make kickass superheroes? These eight housewives. (Homemakers? What do they prefer to be called these days?) [Paste]
  • Is the media obsessed with how Muslim women look? Fatemeh Fakhraie, the editor-in-chief of the blog Muslimah Media Watch, thinks so. [CNN]
  • Here is a radical idea put forward by Big Think for their month-long series on “dangerous ideas”: polygamy is feminist. [Big Think]
  • This post is full of spoilers, but the Los Angeles Times has a great analysis of last night’s episode of “Mad Men” and how Peggy Olsen’s fight for recognition of her work is fueling her slow-but-sure feminist awakening. [L.A. Times]
  • Are women the new drag queens? Um, OK. [New York Times]


  • Fourteen women’s groups in Israel urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this weekend to add more women to a Palestinian peace talks team. [Ha’aretz]
  • More and more Bollywood films — a genre of musicals produced in India — are confronting sexual harassment in their themes, including in a recent flick, “Hello Darling,” inspired by the 1980 Jane Fonda flick “Nine To Five.” [Straits Times]

CORRECTION: Thank you commenter Rita Hateworth for pointing out a typo in the title. The French president’s wife is Carla Bruni.