Live Forever — As a Vinyl Record

Death — it’s messy and depressing, but it doesn’t have to be. A new company caters to those who want to live the rock and roll dream in the ever after. And Vinyly offers people the chance to be turned into vinyl records when they die. The company takes the ashes of the deceased and presses them into on-demand vinyl records, allowing your friends and loved ones to have a part of you after you pass. Customers can record whatever they’d like to be pressed into the vinyl — clips of themselves talking, favorite mixes or simply looped noises — and press up to 30 copies of it. And if you’re feeling arty, you can have cover artwork for your record made by artist James Hague, of Britain’s National Portrait Gallery. But immortality doesn’t come cheap: The basic package costs around £2000, so start saving for your post-death record release now!

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