US Open Tennis Players Get Goddess-Like For The NY Times

One great thing about the end of summer is that it’s US Open time! Fans are getting stoked for the tennis tournament that starts today, particularly here in New York City, where the games are just a train ride away. As part of a larger feature on women’s tennis, and to get everyone revved up, The New York Times Magazine put together a video slideshow, “The Beauty of the Power Game,” which turned out to be quite a sexy representation of the tourney’s hardest-hitting female players, including Kim Clijsters and Serena Williams … Glammed up with full makeup and outfits that look more like cocktail dresses than athletic wear, their long locks flowing and glitter spraying off their perfectly toned skin, these lady powerhouses are shown smashing the tennis ball with all their might—in slow motion, so you can watch their muscles ripple. Though a gorgeous display of female athleticism, does the fact that there is no similar slideshow of male tennis players make it pervy? Blogger Tracy Clark-Flory over at Salon finds the slideshow both “creepy and beautiful,” saying the images do “challenge notions of mainstream beauty” but that the “glamourous makeup and wardrobe — and all that freaking glitter … are a touch odd.”

What do you think — an unnecessary sexualization of these female tennis players or a celebratory show of their talent and beauty? [Salon via The New York Times]