“Jersey Shore” Accused Of Racketeering

Uh oh! The cast, crew, and producers of “Jersey Shore” may be in trouble with the law. As many infamous guidos who came before them, they are being accused of racketeering. A woman identified as J.P. is suing Viacom, 495 Productions, and the “Jersey Shore” cast for an incident which occurred during the filming of Episode 108. You may remember it better as the episode where Ronnie knocked some dude unconscious.Allegedly, the same evening that Ronnie knocked the living daylights out of Stephen Izzo, Snooki got in an argument with this J.P. and her friends. Before things got ugly, J.P. alleged that four “Jersey Shore” bodyguards pushed her to the ground gashing her chin and leaving her with a permanent scar. J.P. claims that all parties involved with “Jersey Shore” are engaged in criminal racketeering because they are making money off of advertising sales for a TV show that promotes criminal behavior. Nobody is fist-pumping now. [Daily Record]