Madonna And Lady Tour In The Works? Dreams Do Come True

A Madonna and Lady Gaga double bill seems way too good to be true. But the word on the street, according to London tabloids and unnamed sources, is that the two pop music shapeshifters are coming together for a tour. Could this be true? Sources say that Madonna is “obsessed” with Gaga and would love to have her open for her next roadshow. Makes sense to us.

While I don’t want to get too excited about this possible union, I am surprised that the agents for the two ladies haven’t thought of this sooner. This kind of mega-tour would mean oodles of press and would guarantee sold-out shows and enough merch sales to buy several small islands. But it could also be another catastrophic meeting of egos and talent, à la R.Kelly and Jay Z’s short-lived Best of Both Worlds Tour. Here’s hoping the ladies get together and keep it classy off stage. [Vulture]