15 Life Tips From Readers

Last week I posted nine “life tips” I plan to pass down to any potential kids I may have some day. You readers commented with some of your own tips—which most of us would be wise to heed. After the jump, 15 of your best life tips.

  1. Never leave your phone in your back pocket when you use the bathroom.
  2. A bowl of lemons or green apples makes a beautiful centerpiece.
  3. Put deodorant on your feet in the spots where your shoes rub about ten minutes before you put on your shoes. Voila! No blisters! And deodorant on the insides of your thighs helps sweating/chub rub during mini-skirt season.
  4. Always bring something to a party, even if it’s a bag of ice!
  5. Coronas do not float. Cans of beer do.
  6. Bread helps to soften brown sugar (placed in the bag).
  7. Baby wipes and salt water will clear up anything and are great to have in a smelly pinch.
  8. Before you make a big decision, sleep on it first.
  9. If you get toothpaste on your shirt, change. No matter how much water you use to try and get it off, a white mark always seems to remain.
  10. Movie popcorn is so unhealthy. Buy a big purse and sneak a microwave bag in instead.
  11. Get a big or unusual-sized keychain for your house keys. It will help you find them in your purse.
  12. Always keep your bank accounts separate. Having a joint account is fine as long as you still have your own.
  13. Drinks lots and lots of water. It keeps you hydrated and does wonders for your skin.
  14. Make yourself do things that take you out of your comfort zone. You will be a better person for it.
  15. Send a thank-you card after any interview. It usually makes the difference between two equally competent applicants.
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