Do You Kiss And Tell?

We’ve all seen the movies and TV shows where girls are gushing to their girlfriends about the juicy details of their sex lives. Are all girls like this? After the jump some women weigh in about how many intimate details they share with the ladies.

“I give some details and hold others back; I don’t really talk about the whole thing start to end, but if something awesome happens like a new position I feel my friend would benefit from knowing about, absolutely.” – Jo, Tazewell, TN

“I have always been more likely to talk about my sex life with my male friends than my female friends. But even then, it isn’t the down and dirty details. I usually give just enough to pique curiosity and leave it at that. My female friends really don’t care as much about the details of my sex life.” – Andrea, Toledo, OH

“Yes, I do share details of my sex life with my close female friends. There was a time when I never shared such things but now I do with my closest friends. I probably tell them things that I shouldn’t but I love a good laugh at myself and they seem to enjoy hearing my goofy stories.” – Tammy, Marion, IL

“I never share details of my sex life with anyone but my partner. I know it sounds rigid, but it avoids a lot of hurt feelings and keeps sex special and private, just as it should be.” – Jenny, Black Hills, SD

“I keep details about my sex life securely in the vault. When I was younger I was more inclined to share the fun details about any new technique or position and engage in lively discussion about width, girth or unfortunately shaped (as in crooked) male body parts. Now my older friends would rather talk about their latest sex toys than reveal the details of sex with a serious partner.” – Daphne, Boston, MA

“Hell yeah. Everybody needs a good laugh.” – Lori, Dayton, OH

“Of course we ladies share; we just don’t write it on bathroom walls.” – Angie, Arcanum, OH

“I’m not one to kiss and tell, because I believe sex is an intimate and loving act that should be held sacred between the two people involved. Sharing any details of that outside our relationship takes away from its ‘specialness’ in my eyes. It’s a wonderful secret to have, so why share it?” – Gwen, Las Vegas, NV

“I absolutely share! All my closest girlfriends openly discuss the details no matter how mundane, gross or potentially bizarre.” – Shawna, Provo, UT

“I keep my sex life where it belongs, between my husband and me. We grew up hearing about how guys talked in the locker room, and I have always found that distasteful. I don’t think it’s any more acceptable when women do the same thing over coffee and finger food.” – Marie, Montreal, QC