Ask The Astrosexologist: How Do I Nab An Aquarius Man?

So there’s this guy that I have had a major crush on for about five years now. His birthday is Feb. 9 (Aquarius), and my birthday is Sept. 24 (Libra). I’ve gotten quite a few signs from him that he is interested in me, but seeing as we are both rather shy, neither of us have done anything. So my question is, is there anything that I can do to encourage him to do something, or is there anything in particular that I can do that would … entice him, for lack of a better word, or even sort of draw him in? I don’t see him much anymore, but I have him as a friend on Facebook, so I have some access to what’s going on in his life. Like I said, I’ve liked this guy for about five or six years now and I’m tired of this game we’ve been playing. I look at him; he looks away. He looks at me and I look away. We seem to have lots in common personality wise. We’re both kind of sarcastic and we both have the same sense of humor, but we are also both kind of shy, which makes this sort of thing kind of difficult. Plus, neither of us have had a lot of experience with the opposite sex. Anyway, what should I do? – Nat

When it comes to nabbing an Aquarius, you’re going to have to take the road less traveled. They are the quirky turkeys of the zodiac and tend to not be the smoothest when it comes to the ladies. However, you don’t want to go overboard and do it all, as you are also a sign that likes subtlety too. So, as it goes, he’s the sign of friendship, so why don’t you organize a get-together among a few friends who can act as buffers for the both of you but can also give you the ability to be around each other? Since you are both air signs, you both tend to work better in social environments — so this is your best way in. Obviously, this is a small step, but it’s one that will give you the info you need. If he isn’t into coming and hanging with you, then you have your answer and can start dealing with getting over him. If he does come, then you can start working your magic!

If he is into hanging out, know he also has a Venus in Pisces and Mars in Gemini, so he will probably be creative and love talking about cultural things like music, movies, etc. — but be prepared, with that strong Gemini in him, be ready to discuss many topics and know he will tend to have a conversation style like a Mexican jumping bean, just hopping from subject to subject every two seconds. When he’s excited, he’ll increase the speed too — which is one clue you can see if your flirting is working. Other clues he’s taking your bait: chances are, if he acts more nervous, talks a lot and use his friends as a buffer more and wanst them to do his dirty work. If that happens, without a doubt, take that as your green light and go nab your man!

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