What Will Jessica Simpson’s “Real Models” Look Like At Fashion Week?

Jessica Simpson: crusader for pro-curves causes or hypocrite with too many body insecurities? The pop star has certainly been vocal about body acceptance, voicing her opinion recently in Lucky that, “We all obsess over looking like the perfect Barbie type, and that’s not always what’s beautiful.” But she has also been known to present inconsistencies about her body outlook — “I don’t have a big butt. I’d rather have a happy medium and take some off my chest and put it towards my butt so I could balance out a bit” — not to mention her blatant shock and disgust with big boned-African women on her reality TV show, “The Price of Beauty.” So, we’ll be interested to see which side of Jessica we get when she presents her collection at New York Fashion Week. Simpson has just announced that she’ll be using “real women” models to showcase her designs. Who are these “real women” models? Life & Style reports that they will be Jessica’s friends. So, do bodies like Jessica’s and Cacee Cobb’s count as being representative of a real woman? No, seriously, we’re asking you—not insinuating that they’re unrealistic, because to be honest, with all this body image debate going on lately, we’re not sure what the ideal “real woman” form is anymore. Anyone care to volunteer examples? [Stylelist]