Today’s Lady News: McEnroe Makes A Bad Call On Female Tennis Players

  • Tennis legend John McEnroe said in a CBS conference call that female tennis players just might not be up to the challenges of the game: “I think that it’s asking too much of the women. They shouldn’t be playing as many events as the men. … You shouldn’t push them to play more than they’re capable of,” McEnroe said. “They should be required to be in less events, there should be less events for the women. It seems it takes an actual meltdown on the court or women quitting the game altogether before they realize there’s a need to change the schedule.” Um, I think that’s what people used to say about female doctors and lawyers, too. [Salon]
  • Is Helen Mirren really sparking a trend of over-50s ladies in bikinis? We doubt it. But yay for body acceptance at all ages? [Daily Mail]

  • Sarah Palin called President Obama the most pro-abortion president ever at a fundraising event for a group that directs women to so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” instead of abortion clinics. She also criticized Florida Governor Charlie Crist, who is against legal abortion but recently vetoed a bill that would have required women to get ultrasounds before having one. [AP]
  • Breastfeeding moms plan to hold a “nurse-in” this weekend at the Cost Plus World Market in Orange, California, after a mom was told to either cover herself or go feed her 10-month-old son in the bathroom. Mothers are allowed to breastfeed in public per California state law. [KTXL]
  • Why it doesn’t matter whether Meg Whitman, the former eBay CEO who is running for governor of California, is a good mother. [The Gloss]
  • $pread, an all-volunteer magazine by and for sex workers, is closing up shop. [Bitch Magazine]
  • Check out this new documentary about black teenage girls, “The Black Girl Project,” which premieres this weekend! [Racialicious]


  • Shu Pei, a 20-year-old Chinese woman, has been signed to Maybelline, making her the second Asian model to be signed by a major cosmetics brand this year. []
  • The Australian government has recently launched something called The Line campaign, which aims to teach young adults and their parents about domestic violence and how to maintain healthy relationships. The ads contain lines like, “A guy hitting a girl. I reckon that’s crossing it” and “My son calls girls skanks. Is that crossing it?” [Feministing]
  • A mother and some have adapted Eve Ensler’s groundbreaking play, “The Vagina Monologues,” for audiences in Mumbai, India. [CNN Go]
  • A Sri Lankan maid, L.P. Ariyawathie, had 13 nails and five needles removed from her hands after they were hammed into her by her Saudi Arabian employers. The abuse of the foreign domestic workers throughout the Middle East, as well as around the world, is a persistent problem. [BBC]