Today In Terribleness: Tiger Cub Found In Luggage At Bangkok Airport

Think drug trafficking is reprehensible? Get a load out of tiger trafficking. When a 31-year-old Thai woman arose suspicion at the Bangkok, Thailand, international airport recently, authorities ran her luggage through the X-ray scan to take a look. Turns out, she was smuggling a tiger cub inside a suitcase of stuffed animals. The poor little guy was doped up on more drugs than a Deadhead.The tiny 2-month-old tiger cub has shaken off the tranqs and is looking adorable as it is cared for by the Rescue Center of the National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation in Thailand. But officials are not sure if the cub was captured in the wild or bred in captivity, so a DNA sample is on its way to a wildlife rescue center. According to TRAFFIC, an international wildlife trade monitoring network, experts will be better equipped to figure out where the cub came from once they determine its subspecies.

All tigers in Asia are protected as an endangered species and prohibited from being traded commercially, since their body parts can be sold at a high price. We hope this smuggler — and whoever she is working for — rot behind bars.

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