Remember When Piercing Your Ears Was The Biggest Deal Ever?

As every fretful mother knows, getting your ears pierced is totally the gateway drug to getting your clit pierced by someone named “Skid” behind a pizza parlor at midnight. I think The Frisky’s new slogan should be, “We might seem like nice girls, but we’ve got a lot of nipple piercings between us!” After the jump, find out where you can find holes if you, um, go looking …ANNIKA:

“I was a baby when I got my ears pierced, so I don’t remember anything about the experience. My mom said I calmly let the woman pierce the first ear, but after she did the second I slapped her in the face. I’m sure my baby hands didn’t do any damage. I got my second holes when I was 10. My mom and I were staying in Campbell County, TN, with my aunt and cousin, and we all went to Walmart (the height of all my days in Campbell County) to get our ears pierced. My cousin chickened out. I pierced mine high on the lobe so that enough space was left for a third hole. When I was an adolescent and teen, my mom and I would get our ears pierced when we were feeling stressed. I guess it had to do with physical pain being easier to handle than mental pain. So, over the years, I have been pierced four times in my left ear and five times in my right (one was a replacement for a closed hole). I’ve also been pierced in my right eyebrow when I was 17 (with my mom’s permission), had a Marilyn lip piercing in 1999, both nipples in the 2000s, and my navel, too. Oh, and I pierced my nose myself when I was 12 with the pointed earring used to pierce my ear. My mom wasn’t happy at all, even though I told her I was going to do it. When I was 19, I had it done by a piercer. I’ve since let my body piercings close, except the navel, and wear only one set of earrings now.”


“I got my ears pierced on either my 12th or 13th birthday because that’s when I was allowed to. I did it at the mall, possibly at a Claire’s Boutique if those existed back then. I’m pretty sure my mom took me, but I don’t think it had any real impact on me other than it made me feel more feminine. After that, I started dyeing my hair, which my mom helped me with, so long as I used henna (because it’s natural!!!!!). Hippies. Anyway, apparently henna is horrible for your hair. Thanks, Mom. So, I got a second piercing in my ears probably when I was 15 or so, when having multiple ear piercings was super fashionable. Freshman year of college I got my nose pierced, and I’ve had it pierced once more since, but the stud has since fallen out. I’m actually thinking of doing it again, because I really loved my nose piercing. Oh, and I got my belly button pierced freshman year too, at a tattoo place above a taco joint. The piercer had just gotten a new tattoo on his neck and it was bleeding as he pierced me. Also, the piercing place didn’t even have real beds to lie on — I had to, like, recline in this odd position on some awful ghetto chair. Anyway, my belly button ring has been out for a while, but I still have the hole. That s**t never heals!”


“My mom is a little old-fashioned, so she made me wait until my 13th birthday to get my ears pierced. My sisters also had to wait until they were 13 and my eldest sister had to wait until she was 18! I asked my mom why we had to wait so long and she said — and I quote — “I don’t want you to look like a prostitute.” That is Connecticut for you. I had it done at our pediatrician’s office after school on my birthday and my best friends came along. Of course, having to wait until I was 13 only made me crazy to get more and more piercings. On a school trip to Quebec with my French class during freshman year, I got another hole in my ear. They flipped out about that. Then I got a second hole at Claire’s in the mall, this time with my mom by my side. More piercings which were not condoned by parents: when I was 15 I lied about my age and got my belly button pierced in New York City’s West Village with a friend from summer camp; when I was 16, my brother’s scary friend pierced my tongue in my brother’s bedroom one evening after school. (That guy later went to jail for murder. Oof.)”


“I think I was 7 or 8, somewhere in New Jersey. I did want to get it done earlier, but my parents had set some rule about how my sister had gotten hers pierced at 7, so I could get them pierced then. I think I felt more grown-up afterwards because I remember my grandmother giving me special earrings. Then I got a second hole in my right lobe sometime around 12. That was stupid.”


“I got my ears pierced for my 8th birthday. My mom took me to the mall. I think it was more a rite of passage for her than it was for me, but you’d have to know my mom to really appreciate that. To give you some idea: back in the ’90s, her earlobes totally split down the middle after too many years of wearing heavy earrings. Now she just wears huge, clip-ons.”


“My mom made me wait until 7th grade, I believe, to get my earrings pierced. We went to the mall. I got diamond-looking studs and loved them — until one got infected. I begged and begged for years to be able to get a second hole pierced. My mom was not feeling that. So one time when she went out of town, I asked my dad to take me and he miraculously said yes. He got his ears pierced on that trip, too, so to suffice it to say that my mom was not pleased.”


“I got mine pierced when I was four at the doctor’s office. I think it was a reward for doing something good. Can’t remember. He used an ice cube and needle … it hurt like hell. I had a lot of piercing drama after that. Age 14: Belly button piercing. Age 15: Upper ear piercing. Age 16: Nose piercing on Venice Beach. My left earlobe split open from years of use and I had to go to the hospital and have it sewn; same with my upper ear piercing. Age 19: Got both of my nipples pierced. Age 23: Took out all piercings, except for the original ones I got when I was four. Now I keep it real.”


“I guess I got pierced when was 13 years old and my mom insisted that we get it done by a doctor in a doctor’s office, which was automatically embarrassing. I think I had already been begging for 3 years, since we’d moved to America, but my mom was all about torturing me. I immediately went out and bought some sweet Ying-Yang earrings and felt pretty good about myself. Between the ages of 16 and 18, I got my rook, tragus, and conch pierced, because I wanted the most random piercings I could get. I also pierced my septum with a safety pin and kept it for several years but rarely wore it down because it looked kinda scary. I also gave myself another set of holes and started piercing a lot of my friends in college. I bought sterile needles and things on eBay. Oh, and I gauged my holes to 00 and they eventually went back to normal. Now, I’m back to the first ones I got. Whew.”


“I got them pierced right after my Bat Mitzvah. I brought my bff Farah with me and made her hold my hand. I was so scared! I almost broke her hand when chick at Claire’s pulled out the gun. But after it was over, I felt like a true lady.”


“I’ve never gotten my ears pierced — my mom offered to take me when I was a kid, and I declined (I was probably scared of the needle.) And ever since then I’ve opted against it, mostly because earrings would just be ONE MORE THING TO BUY.”

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