Quickies: Chris Brown’s Progress Report & Lady Gaga’s Drug Use

  • A judge reviewed Chris Brown’s progress report and said he is doing a “great job” following the terms of his probation. Yes, great job not punching, slapping or choking any women! Gold star for you. [Bossip]
  • Leonardo DiCaprio is seeking a restraining order against a stalker who believes she’s his wife and is carrying his baby, Jesus. According to documents he filed in court, the woman sends him creepy letters asking why he won’t take responsibility for being Jesus’ father. Oh, dear. [TMZ]
  • The Kardashian sisters are collaborating on a “curvy” clothing line with Janie Bryant, the costume designer on “Mad Men.” How’s that for a blending of high and low culture? [NYMag.com]

  • Ha! Joan Rivers blames her past red-carpet fashion mishaps for Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitism. [The Gloss]
  • Swizz Beat on falling in love with Alicia Keys: “I don’t look at it as from a superstar basis. I look at my relationship with my wife as a union that’s just connected … spiritually.” Awww, sweet. Almost makes you forget he left his wife for her. [Hip-Hop Wired]
  • Lady Gaga is still chatty about her past drug use. She told Q Magazine that using drugs helped her “[figure] out the art I wanted to make … Some people find inspiration in dark places. I guess I’m one of them. What always made me different is that if I was doing drugs I was also making music. I wasn’t just doing drugs.” [Crushable]