Has Heidi Montag’s Face Returned To, Um, Normal?

Now that Heidi Montag is seemingly free of Spencer Pratt, is she starting to, well, return to her old self? By the looks of this photo and others published on RadarOnline.com, her face, at least, might be. Find out more, after the jump…After Heidi hit the plastic surgery buffet, she looked like a completely different person — her eyebrows were overly arched, her lips puffy and swollen, and her chin and cheeks sculpted. During the last season of “The Hills,” she seemed unable to move her face, let alone show any expression. But in this photo taken on a beach in Costa Rica, Heidi’s face looks a lot more like her old one. She looks like a normal person, not a mannequin. She even has, gasp, lines on her forehead!

Is it just that the swelling has gone down? Or has Heidi gotten more work done to “correct” some of the severity? She’s got a bandage on her nose, which has prompted Radar to suggest she got another nose job (it would be her third), but Montag told Life & Style that she wears the nose tape as often as possible (just not out and about in Hollywood or on screen) so that her nose “doesn’t fall off like Michael Jackson’s.” Eek. [RadarOnline.com via Huffington Post]