For One-Night Stands: Men Are Into A Hot Bod, Not A Pretty Face

Attraction is complicated – it’s about his personality, how he smiles, how he moves, and so much more. But in that first initial encounter it’s all about the face, right? Well, this may come as the no-duh news of the week, but for dudes it depends. A recent psychology study out of the University of Texas shows both men and women consider the face the most important indicator of attraction when it comes to long-term relationships, but when it comes to one-night stands, men are more interested in a woman’s body. Although I shouldn’t be, I’m kind of surprised. To me, it’s always about a face. I mean, I would take Turtle from “Entourage” over The Situation any day. A casual encounter with Jack Black seems waaay more appealing than one with Mickey Rourke. Ugh, I need to stop — imagining sex with The Situation and Mickey Rourke just made me nauseous. What do you ladies out there think: Is it about the face or the body when it comes to a casual romp? [Psychology Today]