5 Celebrity Men Who’ve Had Trouble Getting Laid

Enrique Iglesias wasn’t always the Anna Kournikova-dating, Latin lovah that he is today. He used to have trouble lobbying for love before he was famous. “Are you kidding me? I couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse when I was younger … I don’t care what people say, fame is the best aphrodisiac you can have,” he said in a recent interview. All of us average Joes and Janes thank you for that bit of inspiration, Enrique. Because we will never be famous and our dry spells will sprawl out in front of us forevermore. [NY Post]

After the jump, some more celebrity men who claimed to have had trouble getting laid.

  • If he can’t get any nowadays, I don’t even want to know what kind of trouble Robert Pattinson had scoring with chicks before he was the world’s most famous vampire. At NYC’s Rose Bar, he was heard telling a friend, “I can’t get laid in NYC.” His friend replied, “A blind person with a British accent could get tail.” I’m on Team R-Patz’s friend. [Dlisted]
  • Shia LeBeouf used to have so much trouble getting laid he made it a line for the world to see on the cover of Details. The headline was “Shia LeBeouf Just Can’t Get Laid.” Very subtle and desperate. [Fafarazzi]
  • Gerard Butler hasn’t been doing as well as he used to since becoming famous. “I think I get laid less now than I used to, because I’m way more paranoid now—look at effing Tiger Woods! I mean, I’m nowhere near as naughty as I used to be—partly because I did a lot of that when I was drinking,” he said in Men’s Journal. Who wants to take a paranoid dude to bed? No one. [923 Now]
  • Leonardo DiCaprio’s sex life crashed along with the “Titianic.” “I had better success meeting girls before ‘Titanic.’ My interactions with them didn’t have all the stigma behind it, not to mention there wasn’t a perception of her talking to me for only one reason,” he complained. Are we really supposed to feel sorry for him? Just for having said that, his sexy ship has sailed as far as I’m concerned. [Popbytes]