10 Things We Hope Will Happen At The Emmy Awards

So, the Emmys are this weekend! And while that’s awesome and all, it’s just a touch annoying that the awards show is going down on Sunday night, which just happens to be the biggest night on television. “True Blood” and “Mad Men“—thanks for showing new episodes smack bam in the middle.

That beef aside, we’re hoping the Emmys will be fantastic. After the jump, 10 things we hope will happen.

  1. That Jimmy Fallon makes every winner do a dance-off with him.
  2. That “Modern Family” will upset “Glee” for Outstanding Comedy.
  3. That Neil Patrick Harris and his boyfriend agree to adopt one audience member to go with their new twins.
  4. That Toni Collette will win Best Actress in a Comedy Series and that January Jones will win Best Actress in a Drama Series. Let the “She sucks!”/”No she doesn’t!” fighting begin!
  5. That Betty White and Matthew Morrison, aka Mr. Schuester, who are conveniently seated next to each other, hook up.
  6. “Big Bang Theory” is so underrated. Here’s hoping Jim Parsons wins for Best Actor in a Comedy Series. And naturally we want Bryan Cranston for Best Actor in a Drama Series because he kicks butt on “Breaking Bad.” That said, we could also get behind Jon Hamm winning. He is amazeballs.
  7. That Conan O’Brien disses NBC and Jay Leno when he accepts his award for Oustanding Variety, Music, or Comedy Series.
  8. For Outstanding Drama, we want “Mad Men” or “Lost.”
  9. That Blake Lively keeps her boobs in her dress for once.
  10. That “Friday Night Lights” finally wins something besides Outstanding Casting!