Um, Yeah, Right: Man Magically Transforms Into A Woman, Gives Birth To Baby

Coo-coo-bananas story of the day time! A man in Ghana claims he woke up one day to discover he had transformed into a woman and subsequently gave birth to a baby girl. Kwanbena Benie, 24, a “fetish priest,” the West African name for a spiritual advisor, says that when he was 13 years old, he was possessed by some sort of god who told him to become a priest. That same god told him that he shouldn’t have sex with women. Flash forward 20 years, and Benie married a woman and had sex with her, going against the warning he said he was given as a kid. And that’s when his penis began to hurt. The pain continued, he says, and one night he discovered that his man parts had changed into lady parts. Benie, apparently, is able to go with the flow, so to speak, because he accepted his new gender and began a sexual relationship with a man who then impregnated him with the child he claims to have just given birth to. And because there are clearly deadbeat dads everywhere, including in bizarre stories like this one, Benie’s baby daddy cut and ran after finding out about the pregnancy.

A midwife who apparently was present for the birth of this miracle baby confirms Benie’s story to Ghana’s Daily Guide newspaper. Benie also told the paper that anyone who doubts his fantastical story should come to his village and see his little girl in person. However, “they should come along with gifts.”

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be booking my ticket just as soon as I finish wiring $1 million to this super nice Nigerian gentleman who just emailed me. [Daily Guide via Tabloid Prodigy]