Today’s Lady News: Watch The Censored “Family Guy” Episode This Weekend!

  • A never-before-seen episode of “Family Guy,” which was banned from FOX because Lois considers having an abortion in it, will be available for sale this weekend on DVD. In “Partial Terms of Endearment,” Lois becomes a surrogate mother but wants to terminate the pregnancy after the mom-to-be unexpectedly dies. Peter and Lois are forced to watch an anti-abortion video, which tells them, “Science has proven that within hours of conception, a human fetus has started a college fund and has already made your first Mother’s Day card out of macaroni and glitter.” Ha! [ABC News]
  • Walmart wants a sexual discrimination class-action lawsuit thrown out of court because the group suing would be so huge that it may change the definition of “class action” going forward. Depressing. [USA Today]
  • A mother of six from Atlantis, Florida, can’t afford to get her leaking breast implants removed. Ada Serrano said she went from a B-cup to a double-D because her husband — whom she later divorced — didn’t like her breasts. [WPTV]
  • California has appealed a 60-year-old law requiring the state to find a “cure” for homosexuality. [Miami Herald]

  • “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Montana?” is a black feminist blog’s take on Montana Fishburne’s foray into porn. [The Crunk Feminist Collective]
  • Women who work in Sacramento, California’s Assembly have been informed of a new policy that forbids them from baring their shoulders indoors. All women are required to cover up tank tops or strappy dresses with a sweater or jacket. [Miami Herald]
  • Prisoners at a correctional center for women in Virginia revealed in a Bureau of Justice Statistics report that inmate-on-inmate sexual abuse, as well as sexual abuse by the staff, is running high. [Washington Post]
  • Almost a hundred women ages 50 to 80 plan to go skydiving this weekend in Wisconsin for an event called Aging But Dangerous, hosted by a company that encourages older women to try new things. []


  • Ten campaign workers for a female candidate for Afghanistan’s Parliament were abducted today. All the campaign workers were men. [New York Times]
  • A Saudi Arabian cleric has called for a fatwa (i.e., boycott) against Panda Supermarket because the outfit employs women as cashiers. Another senior religious leader promptly told him to shut up. [AP]
  • Women’s rights activists in Iran are pushing against the so-called “Family Protection Bill,” which is supported by conservative hardliners. The bill would allow a husband to marry a second wife without the first wife’s consent, among other things. [Los Angeles Times]
  • As illegal abortions in Poland can cost over $500 more than legal ones in Germany or Britain, more Polish women are traveling out of their own country to terminate pregnancies. [Reuters]
  • The lesbian mayor of a municipality in Bogota, Colombia, announced yesterday she plans to marry her girlfriend. Same-sex marriage is not technically legal there, but gay couples are allowed many of the same benefits as straight couples. [Colombia Reports]
  • When the Pope visits the UK for the first time since 1982, he may see 15 of the famous red double-decker buses adorned with stickers that say “Ordain Women Now!” [Reuters]
  • French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife, Carla Bruni, have added their support to a campaign to stop an Iranian woman from being hung to death for adultery. Sakineh Mohammad-Ashtiani, a mother of two, was originally sentenced to death by stoning but that has since been lowered. Brazil offered Ashtiani asylum, but it was rebuffed by Iranian officials. [AFP]