Let’s Hope Sofia Coppola’s New Movie Isn’t As Boring As Her Louis Vuitton Line

Sofia Coppola’s new film, “Somewhere,” is set to debut at the Venice Film Festival next week (sorry if you weren’t invited—you’ll have to wait for the December release date). We’re itching to see it because, no matter the story line, Sofia’s work is usually a visual playground of nostalgic places, saccharine candy colors, and compelling landscapes. We’re surprised, however, to see a new example from her decidedly un-creative work with Louis Vuitton. We somehow missed that she was working with the fashion house, and were pretty shocked to see her capsule collection, which has no trace of the filmmaker anywhere. In the mix: anonymous overnighters like the one pictured, and simple clutches done in classic LV style.

We’re longing for Sofia to return to her MilkFed days when she was making fun ’90s fashion! [WWD]