Bristol Palin “Dancing With The Stars,” Levi Johnston Proceeding With Mayoral Campaign

Today, there are some big happenings in Wasilla, Alaska. Or at least big happenings for Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin—and that’s like 10 percent of the city’s population, no? First, let’s talk Bristol. E! Online is reporting that she’s joined the cast of “Dancing with the Stars 11″ along with David Hasselhoff, Audrina Patridge, and The Situation. Wait a second? Didn’t Bristol supposedly break up with Levi because he was pushing her to be on a reality show? [Huffington Post] Speaking of Levi, he is moving forward with his plan to run for mayor of Wasilla—he’s filed a letter of intent with the Alaska Public Offices Commission and will be on the ballet in October 2011. And guess what he did after filing the paperwork? He headed to Chimo Guns shop where he looked at hunting rifles while TV cameras for “Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor’s Office” followed him.

Apparently, Jimmy Kimmel has offered to be Levi’s campaign manager. His slogan of choice: “Elect Me Mayor or I’ll Date All Your Daughters.”

Kathy Griffin also has campaign advice for Levi. “The campaign would be based on me being the first lady,” she said. “But it would also be based on a celebration of Levi trolling the town shirtless—or being photographed in the shower in various stages of undress.” [People]

Who do we think has a better shot—Levi becoming mayor or Bristol winning “Dancing with the Stars”? Place your bets now.