20 Things Your Boyfriend Should Forgive You For

Yesterday, Simcha posted a list of 22 things women should forgive their boyfriends for, but compassion goes both ways, fellas! Ladies screw up from time to time too, but we sure would appreciate you letting the following 20 things slide. 20 Things Your Boyfriend Should Forgive You For

  1. Inviting him over to, hint hint, hang out and then forcing him to sit through two hours of “Bachelor Pad.”
  2. Being 15 minutes late to a movie because you had a sudden need to change outfits.
  3. Calling him a selfish prick on one particularly PMS-y day.
  4. Passing on attending his 15-year high school reunion because you’d rather not relive his teenage years with him.
  5. Saying “I’m fine” when you’re really not fine and are just being passive-aggressive.
  6. Borrowing his clothes without asking because menswear is in!
  7. Clogging up his shower drain with your long hair.
  8. Painting your nails in his presence and suffocating him with the fumes.
  9. Needing to stay up late finishing the last Stieg Larsson book when he just wants to go to bed.
  10. Throwing away his nastiest pair of shoes that he loves for no reason.
  11. Calling him by your ex’s name. So long as it’s not during sex.
  12. Using up all of his shaving cream to shave your straggly pube hairs.
  13. Replacing his perfectly good bar soap with jasmine-scented “body wash.”
  14. Googling his ex-girlfriend to see what she looks like. And then maybe hunting down her Facebook too.
  15. “Accidentally” deleting some old-school World Series game he recorded on the Yankees Classic network so you could have room on the DVR for new episodes of “General Hospital” now that Brenda Barrett is back!
  16. Innocently sitting down at his computer and scanning the subject lines of the messages sitting in his Gmail inbox. It’s not like you hacked into his email or anything. It was there.
  17. Making him watch that awesomely gay Miley Cyrus lipdub “Party in the USA Fire Island,” like, 20 times.
  18. Complaining about your friend’s annoying behavior but then getting testy with him when he dares criticize her too.
  19. Replacing his white flour pasta with whole wheat.
  20. Cheating on him with Ryan Gosling.