Will No One Think Of The Cupcakes? Cupcakes Confiscated In Philly

Someone is trying to keep Philadelphia’s delicious cupcakes down. Yesterday, Philly police confiscated the Buttercream Cupcake Lady truck. And they fined the cupcake lady, Kate Carrara, $200 for violating Philadelphia’s “business compliance” laws

But Carrara, a former lawyer, said she is properly licensed to have the truck in the city. “There’s crack deals a block away and three cops are surrounding the Cupcake Lady? I mean, really?” she said. Plus, Philly is averaging a murder every other day or so. The city’s Licensing and Inspection department — who typically handle these type of violations — say that they weren’t the ones to issue the order and aren’t sure who actually confiscated the truck. But, luckily, Carrara was able to get her truck back — and its yummy stock of banana cake with Nutella buttercream and red velvet cupcakes (Kate, please send us those for “research!”) — after paying the fine. Ah, sweet justice. [Philly.com]