Today’s Lady News: Huffington Post Taken To Task For Sexist Content

  • I love this Bitch magazine video, “The Huffington Post’s Sexist Link Bait Strategy,” by Anita Sarkeesian — and not just because my study for Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting about the lack of female bloggers on HuffPost’s front page is quoted in it. She asks why the site calls itself liberal and progressive when so much of its internet traffic comes from viewers looking at slideshows of celebrity nip slips. [Bitch]
  • Walmart is appealing an April ruling to authorize a class action lawsuit against the company for sex discrimination. Female employees past and present claim they received lower pay and were passed over for promotions. [Reuters]
  • Yesterday, Alaskan voters approved a law that requires a parent to be notified by a doctor if a teen girl, age 17 or younger, is seeking an abortion. The teen girl can skirt the law if she provides the doctor a notarized statement that she is being abused at home. Already 34 other states require that a parent be notified or give consent in order for an abortion to be performed. [Anchorage Daily News]

  • The word “abortion” is searched on Google more frequently in areas with stricter abortion policies and where the procedure is harder to acquire, according to a study by two doctors at the Children’s Hospital Boston. [Boston Herald]
  • In some nursing homes, a patient has the right to choose a caregiver based on race. What does this mean for home health aides of color (who are often female)? [Chicago Tribune]
  • Virginia abortion clinics might be forced to require their docs to get hospital privileges, mandate professional training for counselors, and get structural changes for buildings. [Politics Daily]
  • Check out this profile of Candy Crowley, a veteran CNN reporter who hosts the Sunday morning show “State of the Union.” Not sure how I feel about a profile of a female journalist who is described as “not gorgeous,” though. [Washington Post]
  • Why one book critic hates the term “chick lit.” [NPR]


  • Gas poisoned a dozen students and teachers at a girls’ school in Kabul, Afghanistan today. Once again, the Taliban is believed to be behind the attack. [ Broadsheet]
  • The United Nations is investigating claims that over 150 women and boys were raped by rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo. [BBC]
  • Shell Oil has shut down a plant in Nigeria after women recently protested a Chevron natural gas pipeline. The women complained that big companies came to use local resources, but left the local communities ravaged. [AFP]
  • Rachel Millington, 24, claims she was forced to apologize to her co-workers for “upsetting” them when she began wearing a dress to work and asked not to be called “Andrew” anymore. Millington claims she was fired for her job three days after she came out to them as a transsexual. [Daily Mail]