22 Things You Should Forgive Your Boyfriend For

Nobody’s perfect. And whom do you want to kiss and make up with more than your man? Though he sometimes might make you feel crazy for loving him, like a country singer with big hair and puns to spare, you know deep down inside you can forgive him for some minor indiscretions. So, in honor of Kiss and Make Up Day, here are some things you can turn a blind eye to, or at least channel into hot make-up sex.

  1. Forgetting to put the toilet seat down
  2. Occasionally surfing the internet with one hand
  3. Wearing fugly mandals (busted toes not included)
  4. Working too much
  5. Not liking the food you cooked
  6. Being too drunk to screw after a party
  7. Giving you a lame birthday present
  8. Eyeballing another chick’s boobs
  9. Knocking out all your DVR’d shows because he recorded a marathon of “Dual Survival”
  10. Unleashing a fart during sex
  11. Leaving the cap off the toothpaste
  12. Having a weekly men-only night
  13. Being 15 minutes late without texting
  14. Buying you the wrong size lingerie
  15. Always turning everything into a competition
  16. Blowing a bunch of cash on some dumb gadget he can’t even figure out how to work that’s just going to collect dust in the garage graveyard of his other crazy purchases
  17. Letting dirty dishes fester
  18. Renting a crappy action movie for your date night
  19. Insisting on keeping his patchy, scraggly beard/’stache/facial hair concept
  20. Going to a strip club every now and again
  21. Refusing to pick you up a box of tampons
  22. Repeatedly trying to talk you into anal