10 Of The Best Kiss-Off Breakup Songs

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Just like with death, there are stages of mourning the end of a relationship. After the denial and cookie batter phases, you’ll eventually get to the kiss-off stage. This is the best stage because instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you can focus your feelings on revenge and anger! You’re finally over that jerk/bitch and can celebrate by telling other people how awesome you are and how much better you are without them, kinda like Cee-Lo did with his new song “F**k You,” which is surprisingly upbeat! Unforch, it’s too profanity-laden for us to post, but we encourage you to click here, and play it loud while dancing around your apartment with your middle fingers in the air. Cee-Lo’s album, The Ladykiller, will be coming out in the fall, but since you probably can’t wait to get some of those aggressions out, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best breakup kiss-off songs ever! [Pretty Much Amazing]
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