The 5 Best Moments In “The Real Housewives Of New Jersey” Reunion Special Preview

Holy crap! Is it almost August 30? “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” two-part reunion special preview is up. I don’t need to see more than 1:53 to know that it is going to be the trash TV of the century. After the jump, the top five best moments … just from the freaking preview.

  1. Teresa Giudice to Danielle Staub: “Bitch, I’m going to pin you down.” Danielle Staub to Teresa Giudice: “Are you really sure you wanna go there?” Caroline Manzo to everyone: “You wanna go? We’re gonna go!”
  2. Teresa Giudice growls like an amazon and pushes Andy Cohen.
  3. Danielle Staub to Jacqueline Laurita: “I loved you and you know what we were to each other.”
  4. Danielle Staub pulls a wig (perhaps her fallen weave?) out of a duffel bag.
  5. Jacqueline Laurita chases after Danielle Staub to beat her ass as she walks off set; Andy Cohen restrains her.