Bad “Cosmo” Advice: Become A Rock Band Groupie

We admit, we don’t hold Cosmopolitan magazine to a particularly high standard or anything — but sometimes even we are floored by how utterly ridiculous their advice can be. When they advised that it would be as easy as 1, 2, 3 — “Step one: go to this spot. Step two: Find man. Step three: thank us for giving you this tip” — to meet a new dude we were curious. But oh, oh the advice was so wrong.

Cosmo thinks the hot new spot for meeting guys is at bar’s cover band nights. Cover. Band. Nights. Why? Because guys love to see their dude friends rock out. Plus, there are all those cute guys in bands!

Says our sage advice giver:

“First of all, men go to bars with those types of bands. And they go with their bros. Secondly, the songs the bands play tend to be old classics. Read: if some dude sees you singing along to an old school hit, he’ll be très impressed. Oh, and not to mention the guys in the bands can be really cute. We’re not suggesting you become a groupie or anything. But there’s nothing wrong with making eye contact with the lead singer and after his set, offering to buy him a drink and asking him how he got his start.

First off, we don’t know what cover bands Cosmo is going to see, but most of the ones we’ve caught are populated by men old enough to be our dads.

Second, while Cosmo says they’re not recommending you become a groupie or anything, isn’t that exactly what their advice suggests? The last time we checked, making eye contact with the lead singer and offering to buy him a drink was pretty textbook groupie behavior.

So, we have a suggestion: Rather than have to sit through a lame cover band, we think you should form your OWN band, and see how many guys you attract that way. [Cosmopolitan]