NYC Fashion Week Scrambles To Appease Community Residents, Activists

With NYC’s Fashion Week venue change from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center, the event’s producers have been coming up against some unexpected problems. There’s been no update on whether an agreement has been reached with the stagehand union, which is threatening to form picket lines if IMG hires outside production labor. Now it seems that community activists from Manhattan’s Upper West Side have been putting pressure on IMG, not just because of the noise disruption and traffic the event will cause, but also because of its proximity to low-income housing. City Council member Gale Brewer tells the Wall Street Journal, “I assume there’s a lot of money involved here, and I believe it should be shared,” addressing Fashion Week’s economic exclusivity.

Luckily, in this case, it looks like good will come of the dialogue between Fashion Week and local residents. IMG is now planning to offer jobs, internships, and lectures on fashion industry careers to low-income teens and locals. Hopefully, opportunities like this will become the norm in the industry. [Wall Street Journal]