Angry Moms Protest McD’s With A “Nurse-In”

Beware fast-food chains — if you think you can stop breastfeeding moms from whipping out their boobs in your restaurants, think again! And take a lesson from the McDonald’s in Glendale, AZ., which erroneously kicked out a woman breastfeeding in their store, despite the fact that Arizona law allows it. As a result of the gaffe, dozens of breastfeeding mamas converged on the restaurant in protest for a “nurse-in.” Arizona law “entitles a mother to breastfeed in any public place where the mother is otherwise lawfully present.”

For their part, McDonald’s said the incident was a mistake. “It has never been our policy to ask nursing mothers to leave our restaurant. This was a mistake. All employees are required to comply with local, state and federal laws.” To prove that point, the nursing protesters weren’t asked to leave at any point during their action. [Consumerist]