Who — Or What — Is Your Spirit Animal?

What do a mini-pony and “Project Runway”‘s Tim Gunn have in common? Well, not much — except that I consider both to be my spirit animals. What’s a spirit animal you ask? It’s anything, or anyone, you consider to be a guiding light or force in your life, or an animal you feel as though you have a special relationship with or affinity to.

In my case, the mini-pony is my spirit animal because it’s short, feisty and really, really, cute. And Tim Gunn, well, I feel a strong affinity to Gunn’s sense of style and propriety. Amelia feels an affinity to her pup Lucca — and funny lady Mindy Kaling. “Lucca is my spirit animal because I genuinely think we are psychically connected,” says Amelia. “Like, she and I have conversations all day long and I know it sounds nuts, but I really do think I know what she’s communicating to me through her brain waves and I am just putting it into words.”

As for Mindy Kaling, “she and I share the same sense of humor. I think. I just think she’s funny and self-deprecating and silly.”

Kate says her spirit animal is “100% a peacock.” Annika’s spirit animal “would be any type of feline, especially my cats Kricket (deceased) and Aslo (reincarnation of Kricket). Basically, I can be ferocious when necessary, but also like to cuddle. I’m really loyal too.” And Ami’s spirit animals are “a seahorse, horse, and peacock and Amy Sedaris.”

So who or what is YOUR spirit animal? If you’re really not sure, you can take a quiz to find out (most of us in the office got “swan”) — but remember, there’s no right or wrong answer. Tell us in the comments!