Vivien Leigh Was Gone With The Women

According to a new tell-all biography, Vivien Leigh, best known as Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone With the Wind,” had a few dirty secrets under that hoop skirt. What was really going on behind the scenes of her fairytale marriage to Laurence Olivier? Find out after the jump. The biography reveals that Ms. Leigh was getting it on with pretty much everyone besides her husband — male co-stars like Marlon Brando (“A Streetcar Named Desire”), women like British actress Isabel Jeans, and lots and lots of “rough trade” male prostitutes. It is already known that she also suffered from bipolar disorder. “Throughout her possession by that uncanny evil monster, manic depression, with its ever-tightening spirals, she retained her own individual canniness – an ability to disguise her true mental condition from almost all except me, for whom she could hardly be expected to take the trouble,” said Olivier in his autobiography. With God as our witness, we will never think of you as “the essence of English womanhood” again. [Daily Mail]