The Great Drop-Off — When Your Parents Leave You At College

The trek from home to college can be riddled with anxiety, fear and doubt — for both students AND parents. And that’s why more and more colleges are finding ways to formalize the college move-in process to make it easier for everyone. According to the National Orientation Directors Association (which, yes, is a thing) — more and more colleges are planning official “parting ceremonies” to signify when parents need to leave campus and let their little baby caterpillars become butterflies. Schools are instituting official policies because increasingly parents WILL NOT LEAVE campus after helping their kids move in. Instead, some parents have been known to stay for two to three days after move-in day. And in one case at Colgate University, a girl’s parents even attended classes with her. That’s one way to ensure you’ll be branded a total weirdo at college.

Tell us: What was your college drop-off experience like? Did you (or your parents) bawl?