Audiences Do Not Want To Pay To Watch Jennifer Aniston On The Big Screen

It needs to be said: Jennifer Aniston literally cannot carry a movie. Her latest, “The Switch,” bombed in its opening weekend, making only $8.1 million at the box office. This is significantly less than the opening weekend numbers for “The Bounty Hunter,” that horrifyingly bad movie she made with Gerard Butler, which was panned by critics and hated by audiences. That movie made over $20 million in its first three days and was considered a big ol’ failure. Aniston’s other recent films have done piss poor too: “Love Happens” made only $8 million its first weekend, while “Management” did less than $400,000. “He’s Just Not That Into You” was Aniston’s last big money maker, but she was only one player in an ensemble; “The Break-Up” was the last movie headlined by Aniston (alongside Vince Vaughn) to be considered a true success, making $39.2 million its opening weekend. Aniston isn’t wholly to blame of course — for the most part, these films would suck whether they starred the former “Friend” or Meryl Streep because the writing and storylines have largely been generic and poorly done. But I have high hopes for “The Switch,” as far as fluff goes, and while I haven’t seen it yet, I’d be willing to bet it’s probably an OK movie and the critics haven’t been harsh in their reviews. The problem is that audiences have come to expect that an Aniston vehicle is bound to be terrible and aren’t willing to fork over their hard-earned dollars to see them at the theater. So, either Aniston needs to pick a project that’s awesome and shows off her completely palatable acting skills, or otherwise good movies need to bank on someone else to bring audiences into the theaters.

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