What You Need To Know About The Brozillian Wax Trend

Jed Lipinski got his pubes waxed off for his blog on Salon.com. Man, that’s commitment! In the process of manning up for the brozillian, razor sharp reporter Lipinski went balls deep into the waxing industry. And what he discovered was almost as jaw dropping as looking at the hair on a wax strip itself. Prepare to be a amazed, after the jump!

  1. You Can Thank/Blame Steve Carrell And P.Diddy: After “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” got his chest waxed, straight dudes thought this is something they could do — and that manscaping is something they could do to attract women. I think straight men are confused and should read The Frisky more. Perhaps I can suggest “Nerd Girl Porn: Hot Men Rocking Chest Hair” or “I Heart Chest Hair”? But mankind didn’t just stop at their moobs, they had to go stick their dick in the trend. After P. Diddy talked about his brozillian waxing ritual a couple years back, it became a full-on trend.
  2. Personal Personelle: The same women who buff muff also wax sacks. In fact, some of those fearless women will even remove the pubes off their relatives! Hm, wonder if they charge their own family the $10 extra for the tweezing of the stragglers?
  3. Bone Up: Dudes, don’t be thinking your waxer is going to look like a sexy Russian spy. Salons give men the fugliest of technicians so they don’t get, ahem, uncomfortable, if you know what we mean.
  4. The Answer To The Obvious Question: What guy gets their frank and beans waxed? Well, as Lipinski’s article points out, “with naked straight guys, sex hopelessly intrudes.” While you might cringe at the thought of getting waxed, some men really like the pain, so we’ve been told. Masochists heart ball-waxing.
  5. Gateway Wax: If a man gets another part of his body waxed, he will eventually get his junk done. It’s just a matter of time. And then he’ll expect lots of appreciative BJs. Be careful what you wish for!