Patti Stanger And 5 Other Famous Ladies Who Kept Their Engagement Rings

Millionaire MatchmakerPatti Stanger might have broken off her engagement to Andy Friedman because she decided that she wanted children, but that doesn’t mean that she’s giving the ring back. “Technically speaking he who breaks up gives it back,” she explained to Radar. “But I actually gave him a really expensive watch so if he were to take the ring back he’d have to give me back the watch!”[Radar]

After the jump, other famous ladies who kept the ring after their engagement imploded.

  • Remember how Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt got engaged, then broke up, then got engaged again? Here’s what Heidi had to say during their first split. “I still have the ring,” she explained. “I guess when we decide to resume the wedding, I’ll need a new ring.” Yep, that’s totally how it works. [Best Week Ever]
  • When “Bachelor” season 12 couple Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas split, Shayne made it very clear she was keeping the ring. “I have it and I am going to keep it forever for the rest of my life. It’s safe and clean and in a glass box like a glass slipper,” she said. “Of course [Matt doesn’t mind]. He wants to come over and look at it.” You won’t be surprised to hear that isn’t how Matt tells the story. [People]
  • For “Bachelor” roadkill couple Aaron Buerge and Helene Eksterowicz, Aaron truly wanted Helene to have the ring. After their breakup, Aaron said, “I haven’t asked for the ring back. And I have no plans of getting the ring back because that was an unconditional gift to her. I said, ‘The ring is your as long as you keep it yourself. It’s yours for the rest of your life.'” Aww. [Reality TV World]
  • Crooner Lyfe Jennings wasn’t too happy that his ex-fiance kept his $100,000 ring when their engagement was called off. He blasted her in a radio interview. ”I’m still trying to get my d*** ring back,” he said. “As much as that s*** cost man they should have like a string on that ring in case s*** goes wrong … Let’s get it, let’s sell it and split it.” [BET]
  • When Paris Hilton split from fiance Paris Lastis years ago, she kept the ring. But with a twist. She auctioned off the $5 million piece of bling to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. Good call, Paris. [AndPop]