5 Cute And Comfy Style Tips For Summer

Consider two simple but sweet words when you’re deciding on your personal summer style: “comfy” and “cute.” Come on now, ladies, do you really want to spend another hot (make that really hot) summer trying to squeeze into a rib-crushing top or balancing atop sky-high heels? If you’re looking for a new romantic interest, men like to approach women who like themselves, just as they are. So consider these five simple summer style tips before you hit up your favorite stores.

  1. Go with the Peep Toe: Instead of baring your whole foot this summer, try a pair a peep-toe sandals. They’re stylish and look good even if you’re wearing flats or medium-heigh heels. Plus, when you wear peep toes, you only have to paint one or two toenails when you’re on the run. No, seriously, don’t do that.
  2. “Flowy” Tops Make Your Body Smile: The boho, relaxed “California Girl” look is a great choice for the summer. Instead of busting loose in a tight blouse that accentuates a little bit more than you intended to show off, buy a loose cotton, off-the-shoulder top to drape over a simple spaghetti tank top. It’s cute, simple and still sexy.
  3. Tube Dresses: If you love looking ultra-feminine when you’re out strolling the town, buy a boatload of tube dresses. Get the long ones that fall onto the floor as well as the short ones that show off your toned, sun-kissed legs. While I don’t always suggest this, these dresses are beautiful because you can freeball it 100 percent underneath. Talk about a cool and comfortable outfit.
  4. Keep It Light: Avoid dark colors in the summer. Didn’t your mother ever tell you that dark colors attract more sun? If you don’t want to find yourself sweating bullets while talking to your beau in the dead heat of the summer sun, stick to light pastels, tans, soft pinks and whites.
  5. Bring Back The Big Bag: One summer accessory that you just can’t pass over is the big bag, aka oversized purse. You can store everything from your sunscreen and spray deodorant for touching up sudden bouts of summer funk to a pair of backup flip-flops in case your peep-toe sandals stop being shy.