10 Women Share Their Best And Worst Summer Crush Memories

Ah, summer crushes. You remember them — the sentimental, those to cherish, and yes, those you wish you could banish from your mind for eternity. We asked women from all walks of life to give the scoop on their best and worst summer crush memories. Relive your past (or be glad it’s over) through their fun, romantic and sometimes frightening experiences. Share yours in the comments.

“I was 14 when Tony, a guy from school, finally talked to me at the park during summer break. For the first month of the summer he attempted to teach me to play chess, which I pretended to enjoy just so he would spend time with me. I never did learn the game, but I had a great summer trying to play chess.” – Rene, Myrtle Beach, SC

“The worst summer crush experience was meeting a guy on vacation in Texas. He was a gentleman and we spent the whole two weeks together. After I left, he didn’t answer my calls or texts. Turned out he not only had a wife at home but kids as well. Not one of my finer moments! When I was 13 I had a major crush on a guy a grade older than me. That summer in 1997 was one of the most memorable ones. He was my first kiss and my first “puppy” love. We spent the whole summer together until he unfortunately moved away!” – Tiffany, Yorville, IL

“My worst summer crush also happened to be my sister’s crush at the time. I was about 17 years old, and the three of us hung out together that summer. We were lucky that he turned out to be a jerk, though, because now we are both with great guys.” – Tracy, Fargo, ND

“As a kid I had a crush on this guy who rode the same school bus with me. We had a summer fling and I later found out he was flinging my friend around a bit too. She got pregnant. Needless to say, that was pretty traumatic for all of us. I also spent one summer with a guy who was a fellow camp counselor. It was a really fun experience; we taught the kids crafts and stuff together and made out a little here and there. We both knew it wasn’t a lifetime commitment and we are still good friends to this day, even though we are both married with kids now. Sometimes our families hang out together in the summer.”– Kathy, Richmond, VA

“Worst summer crush – I won tickets for my family to go to a water park. As I sat down in the charter bus, I noticed an older boy a few seats in front of me. He was probably a couple of years older than me. He was tall and had short dark hair. He was very nice and cute. I tried to act much older. During the entire trip he treated me as if I was much younger. Best summer crush – My school sponsored a summer trip to Washington D.C. A popular boy from school, that never before paid attention to me, started to notice me. We spent many nights up talking and sneaking behind the supervision of adults to spend time together. Those stolen moments made my summer even brighter. He would make me laugh, and I could not believe how very lucky I was to have him next to me.” –Hope, Galesburg, IL

“My best summer crush was when I went to visit my hometown for the summer when I was 14 after moving away when I was 12. Shawn, the boy who lived across the street from me growing up, was two years my senior and had grown into a handsome 16-year-old. We spent much the two months talking and walking to the nearby creek, but alas, summer ended with no kiss. My worst summer crush occurred when I was 17 and met a boy at a local waterpark. His house was 45 minutes from mine. Neither of us had a car, but my best friend from work, who was two years my senior, lived down the street from him. She would graciously drive him to visit me, until I learned that they were “hooking up” before coming to my house. He said it was because I wouldn’t.” – Celeste, Ft. Worth, TX

“It was the summer of 1984 and his name was Blaine. He was a high school basketball player haling from Louisiana. Not only did he have good looks, he had a dreamy French accent. I fell in love immediately. We spent every waking moment together just getting to know each other. Our romance ended when they went home at the end of the summer, but I’ll never forget him. In fact, I still have his pictures!” – Donna, Bonham, TX

“My first summer crush happened when I was 15 years old. I was so attracted to him. Jim came up behind me at a Fourth of July party (we had been flirting with each other across the yard), snuck up behind me, wrapped his arms around my waist, and sang along with the outdoor live band, ‘Wild thing, you make my heart sing.’ He was my first kiss and I melted. He frightened me, though, because I had just turned 15 (he was 17) and I thought that if one kiss could cause me to feel that way, what else might I succumb to? So after several phone conversations, I decided not to see him again.” – Theresa, Urbana, IL

“Best summer crush experience – I was only 13 and I was deeply ‘in love’ with this guy from my cousin’s apartment building. I thought he had no idea who I was. One night, I heard the music from the old song ‘Oh Donna’ and he was outside my window singing ‘Oh Summer’. It was amazing. Worst summer crush experience – I was 14 and I was at the beach with my family. I thought this guy on the beach was so hot, I kept following him around everywhere. He was much older than me. On the way home, we stopped in Dunkin’ Donuts and the guy was working there. He looked at me and said, ‘You are on the Jefferson High School Track Team, right?’. I was speechless. Suddenly full of confidence, I replied, ‘You’ve seen me throw (shot put and discus)?’ He said, ‘Uhhh, no it’s on your shirt!'” – Summer, Oak Island, NC

“My worst summer crush experience was also a learning experience. At the impressionable age of 13, I believed I could not live without John. He was several years older than I and one of the most popular guys in school. I daydreamed about him constantly and swore there would be no other. While he was friendly to me in a stand-offish way, it was obvious that he considered me to be a child. A couple of years later we socialized in the same circle and became friends. Imagine my disappointment when I learned there was still no chance for me – turns out John was gay!”– Tina, Pinnacle, NC