Who Wants To Date A Female Inmate?

For the dudes (or the ladies) who can’t find a decent date, why not try a more captive audience … like inmates. Three new online dating sites, Prison Inmates, Cellblockmail, and Meet-An-Inmate allow you to find the prisoner pen pal of your dreams. If things go well, maybe she will call you collect or let you deposit funds into her commissary account. I’m personally a fan of Sandy, the 56-year-old dental hygienist looking for the “Abott to her Costello.” Uh, dare I ask what landed her in the slammer for murder in the second degree? Actually, I’m not sure I want to know. After the jump, the most eligible bachelorettes behind bars. [Buzzfeed]Cindy, a former fashion model, is Tina Turner’s long-lost white twin. Oh, and she’s about to become a big star. When she gets out in 2016 she will be forming the hottest country/rock/pop band to rival Backstreet Boys. And that’s a fact.

If you write Bambi, strawberry kisses and erotic sex in exotic places await you. Upon her release in 2013 she plans to open her own auto repair shop.

Rose is a sensuous and classy. If you give this “kitty” a chance she’s willing to relocate … in 2033.

Michelle is just a fun-loving white girl seeking a man. She also apparently is really into tie-dye.