Quotable: Kat Von D Respects Jesse James And Thinks She’s His Type

“I think that I’m his type on a different level than people would assume. Just because I have tattoos doesn’t mean we’re the perfect match … I’ve known Jesse since I was 22 actually. We’ve always been friends. Even when all that negative stuff went down and stuff … I think it’s none of my business and it’s none of anyone’s business, really. I think we’re all human and we’re all capable of making mistakes. I think if I were to be crucified for my drug addiction three years ago now, it would be harder to live with that. I’m sober now, I’ve made mistakes too. For me, I’ve got a lot of respect for Jesse and how he handled it.”

Kat Von D lets the cat out of the bag during an interview on KROQ-FM about her feelings for Jesse James, whom she’s dating according to a Twitter message she posted and deleted yesterday. [Huffington Post]