Kings Of Leon And Others Who’ve Turned Down “Glee”

It feels like Ryan Murphy gets just about anything he wants for the ratings juggernaut that is “Glee.” Britney Spears is currently on set, posting about how “GLEEKERIFIC!!!” it is. And for the fall, the show also has guest spots lined up for heavy hitters like John Stamos and Jennifer Lopez. But, on occasion, people do turn the show down. Kings of Leon has just revealed that “Glee” requested to use one of their songs—I’m guessing “Use Somebody.” But the rockers said uh-uh. “We could have sold out so much more,” said bassist Jared Followill. “We turn stuff down constantly.” [EW]

After the jump, more folks who just said no to “Glee.”

  • Coldplay evidently turned down requests to have their songs “Glee”-ified. Now that the show is a mega-sensation, Chris Martin says he regrets that decision. “We were wrong,” he said. [Contact Music]
  • “Glee” got permission to use Madonna’s music for an episode last season, but Madonna herself turned down their request for a guest-starring role. A source said Madge doesn’t have a TV and thus had no idea what the show was. The source said, “She said, ‘No thanks’, and to be honest she would rather they sing an Elton John song than butcher one of hers.” [Ace Showbiz]
  • Bryan Adams also apparently didn’t let the show use one of his tunes. [Celebrifi]
  • Last season, Eve played the scheming coach of a rival, tougher high school. But she was only offered the role after Whitney Houston turned it down. Uh, what was Whit thinking? [Hollywood Outbreak]